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Have you ever watched the show called h2o about how the three girls that  got turned into mermaids? I love that show my favorite character is Cleo. I like Cleo because she is so nice and really pretty, she also has pretty clothes that she wears . I  think that it would be cool to be a mermaid and have a magical powers to like freeze water, heat water,or control water. It would be very hard because you could not get wet or you would turn into a mermaid but they can do it I think I could to! I think That Bailey is like Emma, Megan is like Rikki, and I am like Cleo, I don’t know why but that’s what I think. The island that they turn into mermaids is so pretty I wish I live on the beach where a magical island can turn you into a mermaid if you go into the moon pool. It’s cool how they go there to hang out and how there is like two secret entrances 1. The moon pool entrance which only mermaid can swim through or if you can hold your breath for a long time and 2. The tunnel entrance where you trip and fall down this slide thing go through a tunnel and then your there. The island has an awesome name its name is Mako. I think it funny when they use their power in public on people and things because when it happens people are like wow what just happened? I like the first episode where they all meet and they get turn when they take Zane boat because he was being mean to Cleo and Rikki told him to leave her along and they went to pick up Emma. Rikki told Emma to hop in the boat and Emma was like do you have a boating license and Rikki said what are you my mother? It’s just really funny!


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D.A.R.E stands for drug abuse resistance education. In Dare we learn how to say no to people who offer you drugs and alcohol. We also learned what smoking can do to your lungs after meeting smoking Suzie and seeing what is left in your lungs from the tar jar. Her boyfriend Mr.Dip Lip showed us what tobacco can do to your mouth and it was gross! In dare Deputy Thomas tells you what drugs and alcohol can do if you don’t say no, he tells us we can hurt the people we love or hurt ourself!

D.A.R.E  is important because it teaches kids to stay away from alcohol,cigarettes, tobacco,and marijuana. They can mess up your body such as growth and appearance. In dare deputy Thomas showed  us why most kids drink alcohol and are not smoking Marijuana, that’s because alcohol is on commercials and advertised everywhere such as billboards and NASCAR.

How some kids smoke and drink because of peer pressure and their friends are doing it. Some of the kinds of peer pressure are friendly, Teasing,Indirect, Heavy, and Positive. We also do work sheets in our dare books that teach  us what drugs and alcohol can do. Deputy Thomas also says that friendship is the most important thing.

In dare I have learned a lot about alcohol,tobacco, smoking and marijuana and all of the facts are serous like how tobacco has over 200 know poisons, marijuana can affect your breathing, one beer has as much alcohol as a glass of wine or Alcohol slows the brain and central nervous system,and smoking is a #1 cause of getting lung cancer. I promise to never do any of these things because I could mess up my body and why would I want to do that!

Image form: http://nc-cherokee.com/cpd/investigations_division/juvenileunit/d_a_r_e2/

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Successful Sixth Grader

I am successful in sixth grade because of the teachers, the teachers have been preparing us for this test all year long with packets,tests,and study island. As a student I have been working really hard so I can do my best on the test. Also having encouraging people around will make you feel better because they will tell you that you can do it and have a positive attitude will help to, I mean like say its test day and your in a bad mood your thinking I can’t do it and I ‘m gonna fail. You probably are not good to do the best thinking like that! Things that have helped me be successful are reading, writing,Study Island,Quia,tests in math,and lots more!

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Advise for the Test!

The advise that I would give out to another 6th grader would be: Take all your time on the test. Don’t rush to get finished first. Check over your work when you are finished. Go back in the passage to look for answers and do your best. The reason I think that this is good advise is because if you take all your time on the test and don’t rush then you won’t skip over questions and you will have enough time to finish your test. Checking over your test is to know that you have the answers you want and to make sure that you didn’t skip over a question. If you follow good advise then you will probably do good on the test!

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Why my book is Interesting!!

This letter is going to tell why I think my book is weird,exciting,totally unexpected and surprising. This is another letter for The Reading Workshop.                                                                                                              March 19, 2012

Dear Mr.McGuire,

My book is called The Kind of Friends we used to be written by Frances O’ Roark  Dowell. This book is mainly about these two best friends that don’t have anything in common anymore, so they don’t really talk to each other a lot. The two main characters are Kate who is kinda girl that plays the guitar and wears big black boots and then there is Marylin who is kinda the girly girl because she is a cheerleader and hangs out with the popular girls and talks about the latest fashion.

The end of my book is what really surprises me because  this boy that Kate likes (Matthew Holler) stands out side her house and is playing Christmas songs on his guitar and then Kate and Flannery ( the girl who made Marylin give the silent treatment to Kate ) go out side with their guitars and start singing along too.So whenever Marylin gets home to eat pizza with her mom ,dad and her little brother Petey. Whenever they get out of the car they hear the Matthew playing  his guitar and they run over to Kate’s house to go and sing Christmas songs with them.

Another thing that I thought was weird was that Marylin parents are divorced and for Halloween she wants to be a fairy princess. So she wants to make her costume but she doesn’t know how to sew. Her dad comes into her room and she  tells him that she can’t make her Halloween costume and he said that he would help her because her used to be in theater and her knew how to sew and work a sewing machine.So when he said that it Really surprised me!


Josie S.


My favortie series Book!

My favorite series book in this poll would have to be the Vet Volunteer books written by Laurie Halse Anderson. I like to read series books because they make more sense to me and you get to know more about the characters. I do read a lot of series books.I think that I have read almost all series books this year.  The reason I like to read series books is  they just make a lot more sense  because they just keep going and going. The reason I like reading the Vet volunteer books is because they make me feel like I am there in the book watching it all happen.The kids in this book do these crazy things to show you that they really do care about animals. In the book Manatee Blues Brena jumps off a boat to help this little baby manatee that is in this fishing net.

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Letter To Mr.McGuire

                                                                                                                     March 2,2012

Dear Mr.McGuire,

       I am reading “13 Gifts” written by Wendy Mass. Today assignment in the Reading Workshop is to write about how the author makes the book exciting.

My book is really funny and exciting because there are these two best friends ( Leo and Amanda) and they use chalk boards to talk to each other. I mean the have them hanging around their necks so they can write to each other anytime, they can talk to other people normally but they can’t talk to each other. Then there is this boy named David who sings at the bottom of an empty pool pit. Also there is this girl named Rory ( Emily’s Babysitter) and she might be dating the worlds biggest movie star( Jake Harrison) and Emily is (Tara ‘s cousin)  trying to figure out this math problem so she can get One million dollars! That was a little bit of some of the character’s in my book.

The reason my book keeps me on the edge of my seat is because in the begging  of my book the main character Tara might get to be apart of the popular group for the last two weeks of school, but she has to steal a goat from her principals office ( its not a real goat its a life sized stuffed goat) so she just about  to do it when the principal comes in and Tara pepper sprays him the eyes.  She gets sent to Willow Falls to stay with her aunt and uncle while her parents are half way around the world studying bamboo lemurs.

So she gets to Willow falls and she meets this old lady (Angelina D” Angleo) and she  gives her this list of things that she needs to get before July 13( which is also Tara’s birthday) and if she doesn’t get all the things that are on the list and give them to Angelina the consequence will be very bad!


                                                       Josie S.